The Story So Far…… de.bees is the way in which 17-19 Market Place Winsford, is run. The building has stood here for the past 250 years, unbelievable but true. Many people have considered it to be theirs in the past and many more will consider it theirs in the future.  For now we call it de.bees and its having the time of its life!

As ‘The Cock Inn’ and later ‘The Royal Oak’, 19 Market Place was run as a local boozer often visited on route to the town’s ballroom and strip club.  It’s hard to imagine the de.bees of today as a stop off on the way to a night out!  When the Oak was revamped and the Bees Knees was born, the young people of Winsford flocked and helped to establish a new breed of Disco Bar. Unfortunately The Bees Knees didn’t always get mentioned for the right reasons and a bit of a reputation led to a renaming, but no real investment. Chasers it was branded, no great change and still referred to by most as The Bees. 19 Market Place was trapped in a state of disrepair; open only a couple of nights a week, a last resort for those wanting a late drink. Investment seemed pointless; the image was in tatters, until 99p drinks brought people back down to 19 Market Place. The town was asked what it wanted and a new vision was brought to life in de.bees.

People of Winsford had always had a love hate relationship with The Bees, but above all it had been part of people’s lives. When money was spent on it, and standards were lifted, people of all ages flooded back. 10 years on and de.bees has had two further refits, a unique out side drinking area has been built catered for by an impressive covered outside bar, and is now open 7 days a week.

‘de.bees music bar’ is now renowned as a quality live venue, as well as the place to go to let our hair down on a weekend. By programming quality live music, Jazz,

Cutting edge comedy and Theatre de.bees has earned a reputation as the culture centre of Winsford and mid Cheshire. With a in house recording studio providing demos for local bands at virtually no cost, and a stage providing the young bands in the area with an audience and professional gig, de.bees is very much at the heart of a new music scene that is flourishing in Winsford. Moreover new and established bands and artists from all over the world are now stopping off in Winsford, de bees has become a great gig. de bees is also used in the recording of radio and Television productions! 

So what’s it all about? People, you and us, we are only here for a short time, even if the building is not, we make happen what we want. At 19 Market Place, we meet share ideas and create, we enjoy the freedom to expand our horizons and share our lives. That’s it! de.bees has life, there’s something happening here